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The faculty at VIP Student Services have advanced degrees in their specialty, most are either doctorally prepared or are master level teachers. VIP Student Services is directed by award winning experienced higher education administrators.

Dr. Kathy Chandler currently serves as CEO and Co-founder of VIP Student Services, an international education services corporation. Dr. Chandler co-founded VIP Student Services to provide comprehensive individualized services to meet the needs of domestic and international students. Dr. Chandler has served in the field of education for over 22 years. In K-12 education, she became a National Board Certified Teacher and received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching awarded by The White House and the National Science Foundation. Other notable awards include The Golden Apple Award by Samford University, The Outstanding Doctoral Student Award by The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and The Distinguished Educator Award by the Birmingham News and Post Herald. Dr. Chandler served as a higher education administrator for 8 years. Her most recent positions were Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Dean of the College of Education.

Dr. Leigh Ann Chandler Poole is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of VIP Student Services. Dr. Poole has held multiple higher-education administrative positions, and has held faculty positions in various private and public institutions that rank in the top 100 US Universities. Among other business activities, she is the CEO and owner of an ACHC accredited Medical Supply company. Dr. Poole is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a PhD in Nursing. She holds national certification as a FNP (American Nurses Credentialing Center), and is a Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter, and Certified Telemedicine Coordinator. Dr. Poole specializes in telehealth, informatics, health technology innovation, and online education. She is an expert in technological innovation in health and education, grant writing and operations, interprofessional collaboration, international student services, the political process, informatics, curriculum and program development and revision, strategic planning , assessment and evaluation, and accreditation. Dr. Poole has broad presentation experience at the local, state, national, and international levels. She is a well known expert and invited speaker on innovative technology in health and education. Dr. Poole has an extensive history of committee involvement at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Fred Chandler is the Vice President. Mr. Chandler holds a Bachelors in Education degree and is a sports fitness management specialist. Mr. Chandler has over 12 years of teaching and coaching in the K-12 educational system in the United States. He is an expert in educational software and teacher training and development. 

VIP Student Services provides elite comprehensive and individualized services for international and domestic students. We specialize in working with colleges and universities to provide international recruitment, educational software.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.